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FYC - FUCK YOU CLAP - is a new lolord for text messaging. In formal use, it is preceded by a clapping hand emoticon which is followed by FYC in a separate text box. It also appears with the clapping hands in the same text box as FYC. A dispute between the proponents of these two forms has already resulted in a schism between FYC adherents. Outside of texting, an FYC is a snarky use of the hands, brought together with minimal force to generate as little sound as possible. This makes saying fuck you socially acceptable in even the most politically correct setting.
In the middle of his State of the Union speech, Nancy, from behind his back, acknowledged the extent of Donald's greatness by inventing the FYC, a clap that cannot not be heard.
by nothinc March 17, 2019
Lolord is a noun describing an entire species of "words" such as LMK, YOLO, and LOL. A lolord is an evolutionary descendant of an acronym in which the periods have become at most vestigial. Lolord is a portmanteau, a combination of LOL and word.
Hah! YOLO! Don't resort to that hackneyed old lolord. Why don't you learn a new lolord? Right now you only deserve a FYC, the new lolord that Nancy invented in February.
by nothinc March 4, 2019
¡¿What the foci?! is an expression that is relatively unknown and unused, considering that each year millions of high school students worldwide experience a great need for such a phrase. This phrase is simultaneously a profane question and exclamation, and so a fukquestatement. Within the realm of high school mathematics, a "focus" is a point within the interior of an "ellipse" (a circle that stayed out too late the night before, i.e. ellipsicated). An ellipse is one of the conic sections aka connexations sic. In fact, there are two such points, and the plural is foci (as in octupus / octupi). Students are often asked to find the foci of an ellipse in a homework problem or on a test. Typically, this situation arises in the spring of the school year for students in Algebra 2.
Some students had no problem figuring out the details of conic sections during the exam. However, the twins, who had instead been pondering the associated study of connexations earlier that spring instead, did have a problem. After being asked to describe the two most important points within the interior of an ellipse, bewildered and frustrated, the twins simply felt ellipsicated, looked at each other across the room and nodded in silent agreement, ¡¿What the foci?!
by nothinc April 7, 2019
"tp19" is used as a noun, a verb, an adjective and an adverb.

These words relate to the COVID-19 outbreak in early 2020. The noun form is a number, a factor, by which the amount of toilet paper used per bowel movement increases from approximately 19 sheets per flush to something like 19 rolls per flush. This number will eventually be established, like pi (3.14159) as not necessarily being 19, but something close, and will not be verified by mathematicians, epidemiologists and virologists, but by psychologists, sociologists, and historians. It stands to become a famous scientific constant in human evolution. As a verb, it is much simpler. It is a description of a variety of actions an individual will utilize in the attempt to acquire important items such as toilet paper and paper towels when facing unavoidable self-induced global scarcity. As an adjective, it is used to describe those people who may either be overreacting, or - using perspicacious judgment - reacting in an effective Darwinian fashion, in order to survive a pandemic. The validity of each use is at this time unclear. The adverb form, similar to the adjective, is descriptive of an action performed as a result of a perspective that is either utterly anxious or pointedly perspicacious.
As a noun - "Is this crisis truly tp-19 times as big as the crisis of a toilet paper roll turned the wrong way?"

As a verb- "If you knew that a hydrogen bomb was planted in your neighborhood and would be detonated in the next two hours, would you try to run or try to tp-19 the market on ray-bans that screen uv?" or "That girl, who just walked in, tp-19-ed my pulse rate. I'll pay for anything she wants."

As an adjective - "You are such a freakin' tp-19 freak! Why do you need to ratchet every single interaction with me up to DEFCON-4? All I can offer in response is a quiet fyc."

As an adverb - "Friedrich, you just walked across the street so tp-19-edly, like it was a rope over an abyss, as if all of human existence depended on your success."
by nothinc March 19, 2020
B N W N - This lolord means simply Bad News / Worse News. Usually it is a very direct prologue to sharing two pieces of information - the former bad, the latter worse. Each are actually informative, shedding new light on some matter. Sometimes, in a philosophical or poetic sense, B N W N indicates an double irony, an unavoidable truth about life that is not news at all, and neither good nor bad, but just fate. In either case, B N W N is best received while ellipsicated, to take a little bit of edge off the circle of life.
First use (actually informative) - (You finally take the call from your stockbroker who is managing 99.9% of your life savings in a dodgy fund.) He says, "B N W N." You reply, "Ok, B N first." He says, "That investment is too risky. You could lose 80% of everything, if you leave it in too long." You reply, "Oh, that is not too bad. Just let me know when it will happen. Give me the W N." He says, "Ok, I can tell you when." You say, "How is that B N? Just tell me when". He says, "It has."

Second case (blatantly obvious and unavoidable, so not news and just neutral fate) Ted, "Bud, I have some B N W N for you." Bud, "Well, ok, lemme have it, B N first." Ted, "Bud, I am gonna die." Bud, "Ted, that is horrible, I can't think of anything worse you could tell me, so I'm ready for the W N." Ted, "Bud, are you sure?" Bud, "Ted, yes of course, I am ready." Ted, "Good, then I am glad to tell you.... so are you."
by nothinc April 17, 2019
"fēmasco" - a variant of the well known noun - fiasco - a situation that is a complete failure, especially in a ludicrous or humiliating way that spirals uncontrollably toward higher and higher levels of entropy. In order to be a fēmasco, the fiasco must involve at least one man and two or more women. The triangle scenario is most prevalent. Very often the predicament is quite ironic and unpredictable, evading all attempts at amelioration, logic and good sense, even when the parties involved are usually well intentioned and rational. Often fueled by inexperience, poor judgement, self-interest, various passions, and emotions such as jealousy, greed, anxiety, vindictiveness, etc., the word is part of a new popular effort to make the English language gender based. This word is a noun of feminine gender, accentuated (obviously) by the accent mark over the letter e, which also emphasizes the requisite involvement of at least two females who may be either allied by shared interest to exacerbate the fēmasco and intentionally make the man suffer, or more likely opposing female parties, with interests at odds, possessing exclusive goals, together achieving some sort of critical mass that initiates a chain reaction that cannot be controlled no matter the efforts of the male party - resulting in some type of explosion.
Although his intentions were sincere and desirous of establishing a harmonious mutual friendship with the two women, his inexperienced efforts quickly deteriorated into a rapidly expanding fēmasco that took on a life of its own and threatened to melt the very atmosphere.
by nothinc November 21, 2020
slomopopo - (noun and verb) - In full, it means SLow MOtion POetry POst, a new form of social media poetry invented in 2019 because life, partly due to technology, was moving too fast, and some remedy was needed to slow it down. Also it means the act of posting a slow motion poetry post through social media. Often a slomopopo contains a still image to add further decelerating drag and to attract the eye of the reader.
as a noun - "Because his thinking was so slow and deep, and the world of social media was moving so fast, he decided a new literary form was needed to put a foot on the brakes and slow things down, and thus slomopopo was invented."

as a verb - "Each night the dilettante poet slomopopoed all over the internet and made a terrible mess. After experiencing the posts, many people felt the need to wipe the slomopopo from their feet and also their brains.
by nothinc March 18, 2019