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A well-intentioned president who, contrary to what the disaffected right-wing would have us believe, has actually made many accomplishments despite the craptacular state of affairs he inherited from his predecessor.

A president who (perhaps unjustifiably) has made sincere efforts at bipartisanship despite the unrelenting barrage of lies and bullshit from the right-wing attack machine who's only goal is to tear down his presidency at all costs, and the outright refusal of congressional republiturds to consider any of his ideas, even if said ideas originally garnered bipartisan support.
Notable accomplishments include:

Passage of the controversial stimulus act, which despite it's flaws, helped to curb job loss, improved our infrastructure, and saved many state governments from going bankrupt. Most economists believe we would be worse off without it.

Helped turn the economy around (the Dow was only in the 6000s when Obama took office)

Ordered the strike that killed Bin Laden, and implemented the drone strike policy that killed Bin Ladin's number two man and sent Al Qaeda running.

Passed health care reform, something many presidents have tried to do and failed. While it could have done more to bring down costs and less to appease the insurance industry, it was the best we could get in today's political climate, and it does bring America closer to the developed world in terms of health care.

And to the losers who are messing up the votes on the Obama defs, kindly fuck off and get a life.

To everyone else: don't believe any of the vote totals on these pages. They are being hacked! Yesterday, Obama-hating def 6189985 written by Star Destroyer 2 had 15 thumbs down and 0 up. Today (as of this writing) it magically has 60 thumbs up!! Likewise, def 6183602 written by coffee_lover had 16 thumbs up and 0 down, until today. Now it's 16 up and 47 down. I smell a Kochroach.
by not a dittohead November 11, 2011
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George W. Bush on steroids. Take all the bad things about Bush and amplify by 10 and you have Rick Perry.

Utters "Amurica!" and "Freedum!" in every sentence instead of every other sentence.

Even more hawkish - carries a gun with him at all times, and is known to use it on small animals that get too close.

Greater religious fanaticism - In April of 2011, as governor of Texas, held an "official" prayer rally for rain in his drought-stricken state. Let's see how that worked out for him: in April only 60% of Texas was under severe drought according to the UNL drought monitor. As of September 20, 99% of the state is under severe drought with 85% under exceptional drought. In other words, a true Texas miracle. Also believes creationism should be taught in public schools.

Instead of just privatizing social security, wants to completely abolish it, so grandma is just supposed to starve I guess.

Even greater hypocrisy - as governor of Texas, threatened to secede from the U.S. over the passage of the stimulus act. He then took $17.4 billion in funds made available by the stimulus act to help plug his state's ballooning budget deficit and create most of the jobs he brags about creating. Yet, he declined $500 million in funds to help educate youth in Texas.

Even less qualified - graduated from Texas A&M with a 2.22 GPA, earning a C in U.S. history and a D in economics. Interestingly he got an A in world military systems. Better watch your ass Iran.
If you thought Bush was a good president, or you are a masochist, vote Rick Perry. For the other 80% of us, there is sanity.
by not a dittohead September 22, 2011
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