Greatest fucking nascar driver alive better than Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt sr and jr
Fuck everybody else expect the 207+ time winner Kyle Thomas Busch he is a fucking god Kyle Busch is gonna fuck all your dead moms
by ExtraordinaryCalifornia November 3, 2019
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The term when you have sex and you start to cum on a girls leg
I Kyle Busch-Ed my girlfriend the other night. It was a wacky experience
by The InTIMMAYdator June 3, 2022
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1) NASCAR's biggest douchebag
2) The most hated NASCAR driver of pretty much every race fan on earth
When things don't go the way Kyle Busch wants them to, he throws a temper tantrum and acts like a little whiny baby.
by keyboardsmash October 17, 2009
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