This is an acronym used for the mobile game Clash of Clans. Not only is it easier to say CoC, but it is more fun. People outside of your conversion will think you are talking about a penis you may or may not have.
Person 1: Dude, let me see your CoC.
Person 2: Sure thing. Let me whip it out now. I have touched my CoC in a long time.
Person 1: My CoC is so much bigger since the last time I showed you.
by somedudewritingstuff June 06, 2014
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Fed up with the same ol' LoL abbreviation, CoC is a functional reuse of the same.

Clamorously Obviously Cackling
Text: I'm about to go get drunk and take home some floozy!

Reply Cool, I'll take your wife out, CoC!
by Driftwood Lizard November 05, 2011
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"Corruption of Champions", a text game in which you are selected as “The Champion” and you set out to rid your world of demonic corruption, or inevitably become a part of it based on the choices you make. Within the realm of this land you will encounter horny goblins to fuck, busty succubi to fuck, and lustful hermaphrodites to fuck. The game was formerly developed actively by Fenoxo, who we all know as the ultimate god of erotic text games.
The abbreviation is pronounced "cock" ; this shortform naming is a bit of a running gag in Fen's games.
by noreturnfrom86 May 02, 2018
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Joe: Dude, how big is your coc?
Bob: Its a 8 dude, what about you Joe?
Joe: Mine's a 9 dude, suck it!
Jill: WTF are youtalking about??
Bob, Joe: Its Clash of Clans, why is your mind so messed up?
by theoneandonlykevar December 07, 2015
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Irish word for cocaine should have a (fada) over the o giving the word an accent. Pro nounced with hard c . . coke.
Ce mhead mala bheag coc don coisir? How much for a wee bag cocaine for the party?
by Dearbhaile November 28, 2010
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Abbreviation for "Certificate of Compliance", an internal document issued by some large organizations once their employees have worked though a process to keep company lawyers happy.
"I'm determined to get my COC out by the end of the day".
by D6y November 21, 2005
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