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This is an acronym used for the mobile game Clash of Clans. Not only is it easier to say CoC, but it is more fun. People outside of your conversion will think you are talking about a penis you may or may not have.
Person 1: Dude, let me see your CoC.
Person 2: Sure thing. Let me whip it out now. I have touched my CoC in a long time.
Person 1: My CoC is so much bigger since the last time I showed you.
by somedudewritingstuff June 06, 2014
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Cum on Command (CoC): Being able to instantly ejaculate a plethora of semen on any person, object or thing on command and usually under significant duress.
Ron: Ok...ok...Action!
Jenna: Ohhhh....ohhhh....fuck me! Yes, fuck me!!!
James: Oh yeah baby! The goods are coming! Where do you want it?!
Jenna: On my tits!!!
Ron: Fuck yes! Now you’re earning your money you dirty fucks! Yes! Give it to her Jimmy!
Jenna: Oh, Oh, Oh! Oh! Oh! Yes! Yes!!....ummmm....where’s the cum? the cum James!
Ron: Ah shit! Fuck! Cut!!!!
James: isn’t there yet...
Ron: What the hell you twig and berries pixie fuck! Where’s my actresses cum, you shit sauerkraut stick?!

James: Fuck Ron! You know I can’t CoC. I never got my Master of Adult Film Science. I don’t know how to cum on command.
Ron: Your fired! Come here baby, ol’ Ronny is gonna fill this cake with cream the old fashion way!
by The Good Dude Giveth June 17, 2018
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Abbreviation for "Certificate of Compliance", an internal document issued by some large organizations once their employees have worked though a process to keep company lawyers happy.
"I'm determined to get my COC out by the end of the day".
by D6y November 21, 2005
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Joe: Dude, how big is your coc?
Bob: Its a 8 dude, what about you Joe?
Joe: Mine's a 9 dude, suck it!
Jill: WTF are youtalking about??
Bob, Joe: Its Clash of Clans, why is your mind so messed up?
by theoneandonlykevar March 16, 2016
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Creeper on Campus.

An acronym used to describe a person who is creeping or lurking around your school, house, neighborhood, etc.
"Nathan is such a COC. He's always lurking around school."
by DJ REG March 23, 2009
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Cock Out of Commission.

An expression used to define a mans will power not to get an erection while dancing with a woman.
"Dude, did you COC?"
by myckel May 11, 2008
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