14 definitions by norbert

n. the act of transposing letters in ones mind then speaking/writting these letters incorrecting
god i think i'm lisdexic
by norbert April 13, 2003
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an extremely annoying being on metal rods. joined at the hip with beings who do not want it around (awww) (not) and who clicks her fingers and rods in an eerie way, that echoes through the night. click, click. may well be a lesbian.
click, click, the crempog's coming!
quick, look busy!
klixee:wouldn't it be funny if the gym teacher was a pole dancer?
crayolians:no! images!!!
by norbert July 16, 2004
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a person from the cold ass state of Alaska
Let's go to alaska and spear some seals with the igloo niggers
by norbert May 29, 2004
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Referring to a drug addict, a crackhead
Karl: Did you bring teh shit?
John: Yea, yea, wait a second, stonehenge!
by norbert April 26, 2005
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pronounced leet, often in reference to the word elite, strangely derived from the year 1337 when the Muslims were finally able to defeat the Bizantine empire. They were truely the first 1337 kr3W h4x025
The uber army is 1337.
by norbert April 09, 2003
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very simliar similiar to karma
Oh no that's bad foogoo!
by norbert April 13, 2003
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1. the improper version of soda
2. the sound made when removing ones finger from their ass or another's ass
Could i get a pop? (the conflict between the two defintions of this word arises from this statement, does one mean, i would like a carbonated beverage, or does it mean i would like a finger up my ass?)
by norbert April 13, 2003
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