22 definitions by nikthenyetminder

1) An expression to show suprise or exclamation.

2) To smoke the reefer in a church
1) Holy Smokes! That's Cheyanne Silver in that porno.

2) You dogg, won't you come up in here and have ya some holy smokes wit ya brotha?
by nikthenyetminder December 16, 2004
A van used for having sexual intercourse in the back. A term personified by the great pizza delivery driver, Gary Burgess.
"I can rarely pick up any chicks driving this shag wagon, but it sure has its perks when I do!"
by nikthenyetminder November 18, 2004
Home of friendly people and good hockey players. Everyone I have met from Finland has been cool. The country is actually pronounced in Finnish Suomi (god I hope I spelled that right).
What's the closest thing to a fish's asshole? A Fin! (Told to me by a fellow from Finland!)
by nikthenyetminder January 29, 2005
To earn a one-sided victory over you opposition in a sport or game.
The Schoolhouse Rockers always crush against the Mighty Mutts Hockey Club.
by nikthenyetminder February 13, 2005
One of the most influential and recognizable pro wrestlers of all time. The Joe Montana of wrestling.
You better say your prayers and eat your vitamins, brother!
by nikthenyetminder January 15, 2005
The imaginary police or enforcement group made up of imaginary african americans, who are feared by any white person trying to dance, or else behave black (see wigger).
Tim McGraw sang with Nelly, and he is appearing on the Country Music awards wearing Fubu, if he raises the roof, the soul patrol will be all over him!
by nikthenyetminder January 15, 2005