188 definition by nicole

REAL punk at it's fineist!
by Nicole May 12, 2003

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slang word of forever
I'll be who i am foreva
by nicole August 07, 2003

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a man that was always found sleeping on the couch of thurgood's apartment (movie Half-Baked). nobody knew who he was or where he came from or why he was always there
-Maybe.. The Guy did it. Hey, Guy. Guy! Did you kill my dog?
-*lifts head from dead sleep and waves his hand "no"*
-...I believe him, yo. I dont know why, but I do.
by nicole December 16, 2005

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a team of dancers at castillero that may not be the very best, but they are not as preppy as you would think. whoeverever thinks elsewhere, is just jealous that they didn't make the team...
"I'm on dance infinia...so what?"
by Nicole May 06, 2005

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he is the hotest and sexiest man all over the world
i love him that i see him at first at 1997
by nicole January 25, 2004

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What people say when they don't wanna date someone; essentially saying, "Ewww, I can't believe you just asked me out!!!!" But trying to let you down gently.
"You're a really nice guy, but I don't want to ruin our friendship." The head cheerleader said to the nerd who asked her to the prom.
by Nicole July 11, 2004

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I am Nicole too, and Nicole's Rule!
Is your name Nicole?
Well then you don't rule.
by Nicole March 21, 2005

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