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In the area of Smyrna and Vinings, northwest suburbs of Atlanta. Not actually Vinings, because you would call that Vinings. Could be in Smyrna proper, and referred to as Smynings to try to make it sound better. A place where young single girls from out of town live so they can be "safe."
Female recent college grad: "I live in Smynings"
Me: "You live in Smyrna, or Vinings?"
FRCG: "Well, it's close to both."
Me: "She lives in Smyrna."
by nick victim April 30, 2004
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A '67 or earlier VW bus. Short for split-screen, named for windshield divided by a post.
I drive a GTI every day, but take my splitty to shows on the weekends.
by nick victim April 30, 2004
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"in the crate" describes any automobile clad in simulated wood grain vinyl.
My favorite color for a Grand Wagoneer is white, in the crate, with blue interior.
by nick victim April 29, 2004
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rectal pain, especially caused by excessive wiping after a bout of diarrhea; any kind of discomfort of the asshole; the great equalizer
Those PBRs had me blasting all morning, and now I've got serious angry ass.
by nick victim May 6, 2004
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1. a buffet or food bar at a shitty restaurant
2. a long urinal usually found at stadiums, which are wide enough for many men to piss at once; often continuously flushing
1. We went to Ryan's, and we each had the trough.
2. The Ted is nice, but I miss the community feel of the trough at Atlanta-Fulton County stadium.
by nick victim April 30, 2004
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an older jeep, for instance CJ-5, or CJ-7
That loser in a Wrangler just waved to me. I only wave at CJs.
by nick victim April 30, 2004
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After a decades of east coast/west coast rap domination, third coast artists are becoming the hottest thing in hip-hop
by nick victim April 21, 2004
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