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In the area of Smyrna and Vinings, northwest suburbs of Atlanta. Not actually Vinings, because you would call that Vinings. Could be in Smyrna proper, and referred to as Smynings to try to make it sound better. A place where young single girls from out of town live so they can be "safe."
Female recent college grad: "I live in Smynings"
Me: "You live in Smyrna, or Vinings?"
FRCG: "Well, it's close to both."
Me: "She lives in Smyrna."
by nick victim April 30, 2004
the area beyond the breaking waves where surfers wait for a ride.
With all these people out, the lineup is too tight.
by nick victim April 30, 2004
"in the crate" describes any automobile clad in simulated wood grain vinyl.
My favorite color for a Grand Wagoneer is white, in the crate, with blue interior.
by nick victim April 29, 2004
Misnomer for Virginia-Highland neighborhood of Atlanta, commonly used by fratboys, housefraus, OTP fucks, and transplants. Occassionally used by a particularly idoitic Virginia-Highland resident.
Dumbass: "Let's go to the Highlands for beers!"
Me: "Let me know where you'll be so I can tell the bartender to poison your drink."
by nick victim April 30, 2004
outside the perimeter; Atlanta slang for anything suburban; outside of I-285.
I almost got hit on Highland by some OTP fuck in a SUV that doesn't know what a crosswalk is. Cobb plates, of course.
by nick victim April 30, 2004
Turner Field; 755 Hank Aaron Drive; Braves Stadium
The game tonight at the Ted had traffic on the connector fucked up back to 14th St.
by nick victim April 30, 2004