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1.Person/s that demonstrates all the qualities of being a douche so well, they could in fact be a deity among douches.
2.The lord and messiah of all douches.
that guy is one douchelord
by Nev October 29, 2004
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Carl has nice hair
I like his hair
by nev May 12, 2004
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Euphemism for laying a cable or log. Darmstadt literally translated from German is "intestine city".
"I'll be back in 10 minutes - I have to deal with a fax from Darmstadt"
by Nev November 19, 2003
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a swedish kickass girl band
sahara hotnights are damn cool
by nev May 12, 2004
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Strange queer man who attends Girraween High in Sydney. Frequently used as a deadly insult.
"You're a prashbi"
by Nev June 10, 2003
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A joint corporation formed by the agreement of two main figures. See also Woggyx
Nevmo owns the net.
by Nev June 11, 2003
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when one is so ugly that their head gives off rays of ugly
her head was so large and ugly that when the friend walked past the ugly bounced off and made the friend just as ugly therefore, she had caught ugly headidis
by NEv August 04, 2015
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