10 definitions by nerd

Relating to thinking about yourself or centering everything around yourself.
by nerd March 16, 2003
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An estimate based on a regression analysis. Also, regresstimation, and as a verb, to regresstimate.
I would regresstimate that the variables are significatly related.
by nerd April 11, 2005
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No, it's not urban slang, but since the online dictionary everyone uses to try and look these things up doesn't have an entry, I'll define it here.

Phytophiliac (n.) someone who demonstrates phytophilia -- a sexual attraction to plants.
1: "Lou is such a tree-hugger..."

2: "damn phytophiliacs"

1: "LOL"
by nerd January 9, 2005
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What Would Mitnick Do?

For all the Hackers out there. You should know who Kevin Mitnick is.
Incase of wanting to hack ask yourself, WWMD?
by nerd February 14, 2005
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To win over through means of secuction, lure, or win over in an inappropriate way.
The teacher enticed the little boy for her "own purposes"
by nerd September 9, 2003
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to virginally get naked with.
x: dude, so'd you score?
y: nah man, we just smallvilled.
by nerd February 4, 2005
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