A popular media hyped cracker. Admired by the underground because of his social engineering skills and access to some of the most "sensitive" computers in the world. Put in the bad light by the highly derogatory John Markoff. Kevin's skills lied more-so in his social engineering, not cracking.
by fyyer October 2, 2003
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Probably the most admired hacker in the world.
by Incognito December 10, 2002
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Becuase Kevin gots lots of media exposure and even had a campaign to free him... he's a sellout.

A true, underground, hardcore hacker is rbcp or Cal or murd0c
by AutisticPsycho February 12, 2005
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the best hacker the US has seen
american PWNS the other countries
just like republicans PWN democrats
by Murt March 11, 2004
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