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Exscuse me.

Originally origins is from Wayne's World 1 and 2.
Exsqueeze me? Baking poweder?
by naz November 12, 2004

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prince naz was ere 2003
cos he was
by naz December 07, 2003

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a currency in luton, like pounds
give ma 100 lupees man
by naz March 31, 2005

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a person who waz da king of funk
yo its funky nassa man
by naz March 31, 2005

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A whole new word that supersedes the affection and admiration of love. Can be used together for emphasis.

Hella of course originating from Northern California.
Randy: I love you dude.

Me: Dude, I hella love you!
by Naz May 04, 2008

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a very important man.who girls should stick wit.
oh that guy is so slahadeen
by naz April 21, 2005

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