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a person who waz da king of funk
yo its funky nassa man
by naz March 31, 2005
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A beautiful intelligent girl who is fun to be around with but also doesn't like alots of people being there she is a romantic type of girl and she will care for everyone no matter what they've done to her .Shes crazy n outgoing when you get to know her other she'll be normal and quiet also when she wants to do something she will think what's will happen before she does something and she's different to everyone but no one would know
Get to know Naziya she will probably be a great girl to be around
by naz September 4, 2017
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a currency in luton, like pounds
give ma 100 lupees man
by naz March 31, 2005
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Exscuse me.

Originally origins is from Wayne's World 1 and 2.
by naz November 13, 2004
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prince naz was ere 2003
cos he was
by naz December 7, 2003
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a very important man.who girls should stick wit.
oh that guy is so slahadeen
by naz April 21, 2005
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A whole new word that supersedes the affection and admiration of love. Can be used together for emphasis.

Hella of course originating from Northern California.
Randy: I love you dude.

Me: Dude, I hella love you!
by naz May 5, 2008
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