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16 definitions by nameless

A manwhore is an excellent word to describe my fellow classmates and such.

A manwhore is a man who's rather slutty.
Gah! He broke up with me to go out with this other chick. Hes such a manwhore.
by nameless May 21, 2004
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1a: The opersite of a kryptix
1b: Amusing child who spends life building websites for the needy.
by nameless July 24, 2004
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The leader of strongbadia. The guy who we email and get hilairous answers our questions.
by nameless November 7, 2003
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Someone wishing they could go to sleep & never wake up.
If someone takes a couple ibuprofen because they want to sleep, I'd say maybe they have insomnia? If someone wants to take a couple bottles of ibuprofen because they want to sleep forever, I'd say maybe they could be suicidal?
by nameless January 4, 2015
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used on its own... if it takes a while for someone to get something... Slowness!!!
by nameless July 22, 2003
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a cheating little yellow cheater from
by nameless October 27, 2003
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Best fucking Comic book movie ever! With badass lines such as "I hope justice is found here today, before justice finds you." A hero that bends others over and does them raw.
You don't fuck with daredevil unless you want your ass to bleed.
by nameless April 6, 2003
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