A brand of shoe invented by German Adolph "Adi" Dassler. He invented the modern sneaker with his brother, Rudolph. The two had a falling out, and Rudolph went on to found the Puma brand.
Scheisse! My idiotic brother's ADIDAS brand is outselling mine!
by AngryChegro July 10, 2003

A popular Korn song on their first album Korn - Korn... easily the best
Ay man you heard Korn's newest song A.D.I.D.A.S.

Yeah man its awesome
by rhyss March 18, 2005
1) Stands for: All day I dream about sex
2) Also a pretty catchy Korn song
friend: "Hey man, are you paying attention?"
you: "Nah, I have a bad case of a.d.i.d.a.s."
by d00bzer June 18, 2009
acronym. All Day I Dream About Sex.
Hey, I'm a 20 year-old, SWM, A.D.I.D.A.S. (as in a personal ad)
by Jóhannesarguðspjall March 13, 2003
all day i dream about sex - THE KORN SONG PEOPLE
korn song "A.D.I.D.A.S", listen to it - it CLEARLY defines it.
by angela anaconda March 20, 2005