19 definitions by mrw

slapping someone round the face whilst playing lethal bizzle pow pow in the background

this is fucking hilarious especially when it is total surpise to the victim
pow pow
you wanna bring some beef- ur gonna lose some teef!
by mrw January 31, 2005
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This word originates from the aboriginis of southern australia in 1705!
it means retard in abbo language and is very insulting
what are you playing at you abbo hi
by mrw January 01, 2005
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when you get something for free
could be aything from a sample of shampoo to sweets sweetcollect music or anything at all.
one good source of free stuff is www.talkfreebies.com
by mrw January 18, 2005
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from syed

gunshot gunshot- blaps u on da head
mob deep! pop pop pop
by mrw January 31, 2005
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lethal bizzle- pow pow

a song with sum heavy lyrics blad

bring some beef and lose some teef
if you wanna brings arms out ill bring arms out to your mums house !!!

bladds who do happy slaps slap their targets to this sick choon
pow pow !!!!
i am gonna blaps u onda head blad
by mrw January 31, 2005
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