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A style of decorative art and design in which ordinary objects with vintage appeal, "old-fashioned" characteristics or banal usefulness feature prominently. Clutter, trite sayings, kitchen utensils and homey objects appeal as "kitchy".
dish towels embroidered with the days of the week, hand-painted or decopage wooden boxes, aprons, cutsie baby figurines
by Mars mom May 01, 2005
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For morons who can't spell Kitsch.
(Kitch) Kitsch - A form of art that is considered an inferior, tasteless copy of an extant style.
by Zappster August 23, 2011
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Used as both an adjective and noun to describe a shorter, beautiful, and kind-hearted girl with notably fantastic boobs and a butt to match. A kind and kinky bitch.
Yo babe, check it out; that kitch is kitch! I want you to suck on her nipples while I eat her out!
by BeenFlicking May 18, 2016
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Some questions to ask yourself when wondering if something is kitch are:
"Is it tacky?"
"Does it serve any practical purpose?" and finally
"Does it devalue someone or something that is extremely famous or valued?"
If the answers to these questions are: "yes, no, yes," then it is probably kitch.
Kitch would be like a loin cloth with Barack Obama's face on it (a souvenir my friend received from Africa). Some other examples would be: a bobble-head Mono Lisa, a velvet coloring page of Elvis Presley, or a tea set with the Twighlight characters on it. They don't have to encompass something famous but they often times do. Those paintings with the fairies or dolphins amid a glowing sunset are kitch, and so are spoons made out of antlers.
by usu girl November 05, 2011
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to vomit (puke) uncontroably & quite suddenly
"Kitchen just Kitched"
"thanks for the cone #BLEAH# Whoa, I just Kitched"
"Did you see him kitch all over himself?"
by jonessc September 09, 2007
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Slang for the female genitalia. Developed in Holland, it originates from the saying "Neuken in de Keuken" which means "having sex in the kitchen." The phrase was shortened to "Neuk in de Kreuk" which when translated to English by American exchange students resulted in "fuck in the kitch." The original meaning of the word "kitch" was altered and Kitch became slang for female genitalia.
"Danggam, she got a roootin' tootin' kitch!"
by ibNeverGonnaHurtMe August 29, 2018
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Pop x 10, a style for the modern day artist or bohemian. A combination of different styles like kandy kid, punk, grunge goth, but sprinkled with a sort-of vintage feel.
star-shaped sunglasses, glitter suspenders, clips, hairbands, short shorts, boots, showing skin, twirly psycho tattoos, handmade clothes and hand painted shoes, lollipops, weed, art, new age are all kitchy
by Marlitharn October 06, 2008
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