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The phrase you say when your are falling asleep on the couch and someone tells you not to fall asleep. You should explain why you are "resting your eyes" so it is more believable.
Wife - "Hey, don't fall asleep it is early, we need to get stuff done."

Husband - "Oh I'm not, I'm just resting my eyes, I sat infront of the computer all day at work."
Husband - zzzzzzzZZZZZZZZ
by Mohammed April 05, 2005
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A term used for all your internet security. Firewalls, Anti Virus, Anti Spam etc. All computers should have an E-condom.
Hey man, this Nortan Internet Security 2005 gives my computer a tough E-condom!

Don't let your computer get ITD's, wrap it up with an E-condom!
by Mohammed March 31, 2005
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What do you eat at Thanksgiving? Turkey, exactly. And the turkey is usually dry, but still tastes good, right? Well, if you put gravy on it, it makes it much better. Thus, gravy = good. It equal to "It's all good"
Me: Dude! I got a "C" in Math, my mom's going to kill me!
Omar: In Math!? Dude, I got an "A" in that class. First I thought it would be hard, but now it's all gravy.
by Mohammed October 16, 2004
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The nickname given to Mogadishu, Somali by U.S. Forces in that region in 1993 during Operation Restore Hope. It was in "The Mog" where the Battle of Mogadishu (Blackhawk Down) took place.

It is very dangerous, and if you are a white guy going through the Bakara Market area, be sure to have 10 layers of kevlar and a few guns.
Welcome to The Mog, enjoy your stay and watch out for ricocheing building fragments, RPG's, bullets, launched grenades,, and recoiless rifle shells.
by Mohammed April 05, 2005
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A place with tons of ladders for all the hot multiplayer games out there. All matches, except 1 vs. 1 have a rant board where the clans can have some fun or fire up the troops with trashtalk. They also dave a .com, .net, and .org!

TWL is where a videogames' real clans compete.
by Mohammed April 03, 2005
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1) A slightly boring person to talk to unless you know what to talk about
2) The man with the plan
3) The coolest Persian I know
4) The Godfather
5) A person never to be doubted
I once knew a Trosky....he was da man.
by Mohammed October 07, 2004
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the most godly EQ player ever
Nrax fucking owns.
by Mohammed November 07, 2003
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