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From Robot Chicken: Intravenously injecting Novocain into your blood stream so you cannot feel anything and then letting your buddies beat the shit out of you.
Byran and I went numb chucking with Guillermo. Guillermo shit his pants.
by mistahtom@aol.com May 15, 2006
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What you add to the food you eat when you drop it on the floor....bacteria. The shit that gets picked up when you use the five second rule
Don't eat anything that was wet that dropped on the floor. Or else the floor spice will turn into e.coli
by Mistahtom@aol.com February 20, 2006
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Suzie Chan is a stereotype for that Asian girl in your class.

Here are the few trademarked qualities of a Suzie Chan:

Her actual name is so impronounceable that she had it shorten to Suzie, Jean, or some other type of American name that isn't used anymore.

Her hand is so perfect that it looks like a type of computer font.

When driving, she manages to cause a traffic accident even though she is parked.

In Spanish class, her Spanish is better than her everyday English.

She gets better grades than you in everything. Even in driving school.

Her English is so botched, yet she manages to get a better English grade than you or any other native speaker.

Her mom and dad are both doctors and both lawyers.

Has Hello Kitty everything.

She wears a face mask and latex gloves to go driving.

Suzie Chan got a perfect on her BAR and MCATs

If you see Suzie Chan in your rear view mirror, start praying to God.
by mistahtom@aol.com April 27, 2006
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Shit on your anus that is left over from a crap session which will be wiped off with toilet paper.
I stuck some TP with my residoodoo on the toilet seat cuz I'm a fuck tard
by mistahtom@aol.com April 27, 2006
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The only reason to wipe your ass.
I wipe my ass to rid myself of the residoodoo
by mistahtom@aol.com April 27, 2006
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The 28th state in the union, that means 666/28=23.7857143, the exact amount of hours in 1 day, (not 24)creepy

Texas is the antithesis to California. Texas is full of hicks who think that being cool is dressing up in cowboy hats and boots just to do non-cowboy activites. See Drugstore cowboy. Its citizens also think it is cool to wear the state colors wherever they go (who really does this). Go there if you only want to time travel, I.E. turn back the clock.
Fuck Texas and everyone who wants to go there/is from there/and anyone who thinks its cool. Deep in the heart of my ass.
by Mistahtom@aol.com February 14, 2006
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