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Being germ-polite is when you do not sneeze or cough all over someone next to you when you are full of flu or cold germs. Nor do you sneeze or cough into your hand and then shake someone else's hand. Neither is your house germ-polite if you allow your cat to walk over the kitchen surfaces or the dining room table without then wiping them clean. Nor are you germ-polite if you stroke your cat or dog or other pet and then, without first washing your hands, you touch food that other people are going to eat.
Crikey - I hate going to eat at that person's house - it's not germ-polite. They let that horrible, dribbly cat of theirs walk all over their kitchen work surfaces. And no I am not a paranoid-android I just don't like people sharing their germs with me!
by mimbijones December 05, 2015
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