5 definitions by mikeygoodfella

A Twitter user. Does anyone really need to know when you go shopping or sit on the toilet?
Allison: Did you know Ashton Kutcher has a Twitter page?
Brandon: Guess that makes him a Twit then.
Allison: wha?
Brandon: You don't get it do you.
by mikeygoodfella May 29, 2009
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What most people are. Like really. If everybody walked around saying what they really thought shit wouldn't get done!
Dude 1: That's a lovely new dress Mrs. Beaufort.
Mrs. Beaufort: Why thank you!
Dude 1: **whispers** Makes you look like a whale you fat cow.
Dude 2: Dude, you are such a two-face.
Dude 1: It's true!
by mikeygoodfella May 25, 2009
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An expression of mild contempt or dismissal. Usually made in response upon seeing/hearing nonsense or bullshit. This expression can also used to mask feelings of rejection/hurt to a snub or any other perceived/real social slight.
Dave: I sent a friend invite to Nelson over Facebook and got rejected.

Mike: pfffft. Why do you want to be friends with Nelson for anyway? The guy was basically a total dick to you back in high school.

Dave: Yeah I know, but people change right?
Mike: Dude, get some self-esteem.
by mikeygoodfella June 10, 2009
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Bullshit Useless Thing. Almost everything advertised on The Shopping Channel. Other things that might fall into the BUT category are anti-aging products (you can't stop the aging process), 6 Second Abs, and social networking sites like Twitter. Taken from the Anti-Flag song "One Trillion Dollars".
Example 1: BUT = Bullshit Useless Thing

Example 2:

"One trillion dollars, what a bullshit useless thing

Woah-oh-oh woah-oh woah-oh-oh-oh

Fuck the world, a lot of people gotta die tonight"

-Anti Flag
by mikeygoodfella June 26, 2009
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A bra. Used to hold a woman's assets (or man's :p?) in place to prevent sagging. Can also be used to give the appearance of larger breasts. See wonderbra.
Dude1: Duuuuude, my new girlfriend is like an F-cup! I'm the luckiest guy in the world!

Dude2: Does she wear a bra?

Dude1: No. Why?

Dude2: Dude, they may be perky now, but down the road those are gonna sag! She may wanna invest in some booby braces.

Dude1: Dude, shut up!
by mikeygoodfella June 20, 2009
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