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Cool, awesome, rad.
Garrett is soooo hilly pop!!
by Michele June 23, 2004
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an abbrieviation used to trick one's companion or foe into admitting they are either a. not potty trained, or b. a pregnant teenager.
person1: Are you PT?
person2: ...yes?


person1: are you PT?
person2: HAHA i know what that is. no i'm not a preg-
person1: ewwww you're not potty trained
by michele February 22, 2004
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something done at family BBQ's and social gatherings
My dad spent the whole day smokin' the sausage.
by Michele December 20, 2003
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1/8 of a pizza. commonly used in NY, I dunno about anywhere else... It is unnecessary to say "of pizza" following it.
Pizzaguy: What can I get you today, sir?
customer: I'd like one slice please.
by michele February 22, 2004
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Penis, Dick, etc...
Man his Princess Fiona is so big..
by Michele January 20, 2004
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it refers to a woman's beaver
in the song ice cream by JS, it gives it away:

"Taste my ice cream"
by michele December 24, 2004
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Tore Up!
"ohhh shit, you is Toe Toe bro"!
by michele January 28, 2004
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