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acronym for positive mental attitude; an emotional state of wellbeing.
My pma is nonexistant, I think I'm depressed.
by michele February 22, 2004

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da current definition of this word is to sell drugs
in the song white tees by Dem Franchise boyz uses this term: "I slang in my white tee"
by michele December 24, 2004

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1. Someone that you will love no matter what happens

2.The girl in your dreams thats finally in your life
Something Corporates " Konstantine"
by michele January 29, 2005

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The coolest Motherfuckin color in the whole damn box of fuckin crayons!!
Damn girl that hot pink is rockin!
by Michele January 20, 2004

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for a man, it means "other ppl's pussy"
for a woman, it means "other ppl's penis"
*where a person can have a girlfriend/boyfriend while having someone else on the side without it being considered cheating on their lover.
of course in the song OPP by naughty by nature (but they had the clean version of other ppl's property)
by michele December 24, 2004

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The best classic rock group in rock history. Not to mention the cutest!
The Monkees are the best and cutest rock band in rock history!
by Michele July 20, 2004

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Waking up next to someone the next morning who is so strikingly hideous that you are unable to become aroused. Antonym: Morning Wood.
John woke up next to a random chick that he had met at the bar and it was found he had a morning woodn't.
by Michele March 30, 2004

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