25 definitions by michele

A Motorized Wheelchair most commonly driven by the elderly and seen going to the Grand Canyon on commercials
Dude, did you see that granny riding that rascal?
by Michele October 29, 2003
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SHe is my my monkey baby she is my whole life well when she isnt being bad!?!
by michele September 21, 2003
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Townies are nt scrubbas at all iv stopd bare fyts m8. we dnt lke moshas cz dey r scrubbas n fink der solid, girls r mena wear make-up not lads ya fukin puffs n lambrini n casini r mint drinkz evn do der cheap townies can twat da fukin shit owt ov meny goths n shit.
n y da fuk u callin uz slags we shag cuz we wont 2 so piss off.
fred perry-£45
lacoste tacksuit-£175
u du da fukin maths we AINT TRAMPS!!!
dis is a townie convo
reet u sik layd,buzin las nyt ad a bit ov weed n shit
yar fuk me gt wrekd owt me ed piss funi
what is so hard 4 figa owt wat that meenz!!!
by MICHELE February 19, 2005
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slang word for just joking
if you make a joke and you dont mean it say "nat" so they'll know your joking
by michele December 29, 2003
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