681 definitions by michael foolsley

get someone 'preg-o-not', or 'with child'
john pumped her up just before they took his money away
linda wanted him to pump her up
he knew he wouldn't pump her up, as he was dispensing 'blanks'
somebody pumped her up!
by michael foolsley August 30, 2010
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self-infatuation mentally and/or physically
daves' a nice guy for a pumped up chump!
by michael foolsley November 19, 2009
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you'd best know i'm going to punch her cheeks!!

there was money riding on whether i could punch her cheeks

she was willing to let him punch her cheeks
by michael foolsley December 23, 2009
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tailgater hoping you'll either speed up, or get out of the way
(these new cameras are gonna plug a lot of asses!!!)
this ass-sucker is pushing me...i'm going to have to lose his stupid ass!
this asshole is fucking pushing me
by michael foolsley December 16, 2009
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extol something, what sales 'people' do... (this term was actually used by my grandfather, 40 years ago!)
as soon as i walk in the door, somebody calls me to push something
the telephone rang and it was somebody pushing something
by michael foolsley November 27, 2009
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food -the concept of processing the food through the intestines, eventually pushing the remnant/s out the buttle (butt hole)

what gave birth to this statement, was being asked if i'd gotten any 'hay for my donkey' when i was an up and coming (rarely) 'workman' by older, (give a young guy a hard time) "rednecks"...

-finding myself hungry, i might realize i need something to push through my buttle!
ah smoked these muggles, now me need something to push through my buttle...

almost a shame to push that beluga through me buttle!

i say! by chance, would you join me in the ritual pre pushing of something through the buttle?
by michael foolsley February 01, 2010
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