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STD Grab Bag refers to a person who is so promiscuous that he or she has many STD's (sexually transmitted diseases). Like a grab bag that you would get at a birthday as a child you would pull out many wonderful gifts such as: a pencil, pixie stix, stickers, or a puzzle. But with an STD Grab Bag you can pull out: genital warts, syhpillis, chlamydia, or ghonnorea. Yay!
Maggie is an STD Grab Bag; she has slept with every guy in town.
by megHan June 9, 2004
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A Cinnaminson term for something that sucks
Best utilized when preceded by 'the most'
Popularized Dan G., perfected by Liza B.
by megHan April 22, 2004
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The best the web has to offer! Lots of great people, great conversation, and we have women too!
If you don't think BlizzForums rocks, you need a brain transplant.
by megHan April 30, 2004
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Cum has a few definitions... it can be a man's semen, a female's vaginal liquids, or, the act of orgasming. Cum is a warm, thick, whitish substance that tastes different depending on what you eat. For example, if a guy ate pineapple before a blowjob, it would taste very sweet, but if he ate something like Chinese food, look out.
1) Oh... I'm cumming...
2) He then squirted his warm load of cum right down my throat.
by megHan January 1, 2005
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Pre-cum. Pre-ejaculatory seminal fluid.
"You can still get pregnant before I pull out. I still got lotsa prum."
by megHan February 12, 2004
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Usually used as a punk expression, first used in england by Cockney, means, yes, or yeh!
OI! to the punks, and OI! to the skins, but OI! to the world and everybody wins -The Vandals
by megHan November 23, 2003
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that was one huge quiff.
by megHan April 13, 2005
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