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First of all, I am only posting this in response to "parkie4life"'s: "The best fucking place to live in the world.Hey dont hate us cuz your poor trailor park trash! I love the Park bitches!" Parkie, dear, "Hey" should have a comma after it, your "dont" needs an apostrophe, "cuz" is spelled "cause"...or (gasp) more properly "because", and your "your" should be spelled "you're". If trailor park trash was to even be mentioned in this definition, it would be to state that you seem to have the grammar of MD's trashiest. If you want to make the park look good (which is hard considering the people are stuck up assholes, and it really isn't that great), try using the grammar you should've learned in sixth grade.
"The best fucking (ah, the common use of fuck -one of MD's trashiest habits)place to live in the world. Hey don't hate us because you're poor trailor park trash! I love the Park bitches!"
by megHan April 2, 2005
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Used to describe a tall person who is trying unconciously to be meaningful by questioning what is known to them outloud, while trying to find the answers themselves.
The smumbo sat on a desk, his feet on his chair, while teaching the class about his ideas on teaching itself.
by megHan April 12, 2005
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A cross between being snarky, and being "la-te-da". You know it when you see it, but see example just in case.
Like the bratty kid winning a board game and almost, but not yet verbally, bragging about it.
by megHan October 14, 2004
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To sniggle means for a male or a female to perform sexual acts on oneself.
by megHan January 5, 2004
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An alternative to saying something is "stupid" or, more preferably, an alternative to saying something is "gay" or "retarded."
That test was so stale brownies!!
by megHan December 9, 2004
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STD Grab Bag refers to a person who is so promiscuous that he or she has many STD's (sexually transmitted diseases). Like a grab bag that you would get at a birthday as a child you would pull out many wonderful gifts such as: a pencil, pixie stix, stickers, or a puzzle. But with an STD Grab Bag you can pull out: genital warts, syhpillis, chlamydia, or ghonnorea. Yay!
Maggie is an STD Grab Bag; she has slept with every guy in town.
by megHan June 9, 2004
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