Common mis-spelling of the acronym LMAO which means "laughing my ass off" from the over excitement, passion and poor typing skills of the typer. Coined and made most famous by REDSIGHT a streamer and pronounced Lamb o.
LAMO What is she dooooinnng LAMO
by Gaming People May 23, 2014
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Laughing Ass My Off
Misspelled version of "LMAO"(Laughing My Ass Off) but better in every way.
Person 1:why did the chicken cross the road?
Person 1:To Get to the other SIDE!
Person 2:LAMO your so funny
by AvtoS August 5, 2020
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A situation, comment or person that is almost too stupid or odd for words.
That transfer truck driving drag queen on C.O.P.s is sooo LAMO
by DuT September 14, 2003
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Low Ambition -- Mediocre Output
Pronounced: lame-o
I'm months behind schedule for completing my architectural thesis because I waste all my time looking at stupid shit on the internet.

by xx/eyes October 18, 2007
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its a the boys term that the boys use when the boys are happy
Join general
Not the boys: "I'm cleaning"
The boys: "your pussy out with your fingers"
Also the boys : lamo
by the biggus boys November 23, 2020
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a common internet typo for LMAO laugh my ass off


Teen1: I just farted in a jam jar then sealed it!

Teen2: LAMO !
by LLawliet March 18, 2009
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