39 definition by me old fruity

1. An appallingly bad film, game, tv programme or other form of entertainment.
2. A person ignorant of the latest coolness.
3. An affectionate insult to use on family, friends and anyone you wish to baffle.
4. A rather amusing animal.
5. A country which is altogether too fond of knives.
1. 'Deep Impact' should have been a straight-to-video turkey.
2. You jive turkey!
3. Haha mom you're such a complete and utter turkey!
4. Turkey: Gobble Gobble
5. People from Turkey occasionally like to stab English football supporters.
by me old fruity May 31, 2006

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one who is screwed, make a regrettable mistake.
from nas saying he backed ja rule in the 50 cent/ja rule beef, only to have ja rule turn around and diss him, leaving nas screwed on both sides.
guy a: 'ha ha look at that fugly heiffer!'
guy b: 'thats my mama'
guy a: 'oh no, i just dropped a nas!'
by me old fruity August 03, 2005

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1. British Cigarette
2. Homosexual
3. Short for faggot, a bundle of wood, once used to burn homosexuals at the stake in less enlightened times, which is where the insult comes from.
4. What younger boys at private/boarding school are refferred to by their seniors. 'fags' have to do stupid jobs like warming toilet seats. Roald Dahl was one.
1. 13 yr old: giz us a fag
me: sod off

2. chav: 'haha, that man is wearing a pink shirt, which means he *must* be a fag!' (as clinically proven by the logical individuals at ChavLab©)

3. mad puritan: arr, get me some willowe faggots so i may burn this young scoundrel, so no man may know i am rather partial to a goode bumming myselfe'

4. 'FAG! go lick my shoes clean!'
by me old fruity August 25, 2005

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apparently he's from conneticut, and somewhat closet homosexual. Eminem mentions him in several songs and skits.
ken seems to have a love/hate relationship with eminem.

there are rumours that he is in fact a real person who has an album titled 'the ken kaniff show', but details are sketchy.
'this is ken kaniff from the internet, tryna' lure your kids, into bed with him'
'guess who's back, back again, ken is back, tell some men, rub my back, rub my back, rub my back...'
'you want me to lick your ass, *eminem*?'
by me old fruity August 16, 2005

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