34 definition by maximo hudson

In the future, owing to texting, tweeting and websites such as the Urban Dictionary, everyone and his brother will begin to coin phrases (such as "preemptive karma") and the person of the moment who finds himself atop Fortuna's Wheel of Elocution will be, for an instant, the cat's meow. Fifteen Minutes of Jive refers to such a scribbler's brief moment in the spotlight. As it has always done, language will then move on and the word of the moment will be replaced by yet another - only at a noticeably accelerated pace. This will of course lead to Jive Lag and Jivemire as well as Jivemires and a situation in which what was hip at, say, 9:15, will now be considered boorish by 9:35.
In the twenty-first century, the world did not seek out the cleverness of Oscar Wilde in the embodiment of a single individual, but instead sought to steep itself in a continuous omnipresent wit in which billions of individuals could, if only briefly, communally participate in being the life of the party and experience their clever moment in the sun: their fifteen minutes of jive .
by maximo hudson May 12, 2009

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A state of mental dating distraction. It occurs when an individual on the make is presented with too many equally attractive choices at the same time. Similar to the sensory overload experienced by a lioness crossing open ground to advance on a heard of zebras. The end result is often missed opportunity and frustration.
The zebra effect hit Chico hard as he stared at the table of beautiful woman, unable to decide which one to pursue.
by maximo hudson February 03, 2009

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A couple of beers. Specifically those used to mellow oneself out after a tough day on the job. After Steven Slater the stressed-out airline attendant who grabbed a couple of beers as he deployed the emergency slide and walked away from his work area, a commercial JetBlue airplane that had landed but not yet reached the terminal.
After a horrible day on the job I stopped off on my way home for a shot of Jack and chased it down with a Slater Slide.
by maximo hudson August 12, 2010

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A term denoting a female propagator of spam. It conveys a negative connotation. From spam + zilla (from the Japanese film monster Godzilla).
That girl's a regular spamzilla, the way she copy-pastes and posts every piece of spam she lays eyes on.
by maximo hudson January 26, 2010

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A vegan.
That worm-killer just didn't get it - how the lives of those worms, field-mice and insects killed during crop production are just as precious as those of the domesticated animals she claims to hold dear.
by maximo hudson July 21, 2011

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Shock and Love is that progressive political policy which seeks to use instances of crisis to further the betterment of mankind. It differs from the conservative policy of Shock and Awe which seeks to use the same instances to further empower the already powerful and to curtail the self evident liberties of the masses.
With the lives of three hundred million Americans at stake, the Obama administration, in a classic example of Shock and Love, was able to use the panic created by the flu pandemic to force Senate Republicans to do the right thing and confirm Kathleen Sibelius as Secretary of Health and Human Services.
by maximo hudson May 01, 2009

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