10 definitions by master pjesdrw34

A corruption of 'u r fag' or 'you are fag'.
Hey jez, y r fag.
by master pjesdrw34 February 14, 2018
Like a gook a fuckabuck is a gooky embodiment of a gook.
by master pjesdrw34 February 27, 2022
Also known as T.G.F.Y which stands for 'Too Good For You'. Should be applied to defeated foes in video games, or on the sporting field.
Bwahahaha, PWNED ja loser! I guess I'm just TGFY.
by master pjesdrw34 February 22, 2018
An incredibly annoying and intentionally devicesive person who just won't shut up
Stephen S was SUCH a BUCK-A-FUCK.. that damn buck-fuck
by master pjesdrw34 February 14, 2018
The contents of a bong, once filtered and dried to be re-smoked once one has ran out of weed / synthetic weed. Can also refer to the contents of a bong thoroughly cleaned with uncooked rice and ethanol or methylated spirits - dried and ready for re-consumption.
Couldn't get any decent weed so had to re-smoke my scunge. Wasn't bad though.
by master pjesdrw34 February 21, 2018
When somebody attempts to improve or fix something but doesn't not have the ability or talent and ends up making a mess of things.
Steve can't build the room right. He thought he could do the electrics himself but it's just a fix'n'fail
by master pjesdrw34 April 2, 2021
Someone who is an extreeme buckfuck. A self-aware individual who despite knowing better, decides that they would rather be depravited than constructive.
by master pjesdrw34 February 15, 2018