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Canadian chain store, based in Montreal. Sells extremely overpriced "classy"-looking clothes (a lot of business suits and the like). Preppy crap is in the front; goth/punk/weird stuff is in the back. They also sell shoes and some nice jewelry (collars, cuffs, fake pearls). Their problem is the ridiculously high prices: for example, a pretty crappily made corset top costs $40 there. I got pretty much the same top at Urban Planet for $20.
Le Chateau is a good store, but they need to lower their prices, so that more people could buy there, and get more weird clothes, as opposed to prep crap.
by marla x0 August 13, 2004

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P Diddy's protege..awesome r&b singer and producer..signed to BadBoy Entertainment. Never Really Was is only the second hiphop/r&b song with a creative Madonna sample (first one was that song by Mase and Total that sampled Justify My Love).
I enjoy listening to Mario Winans' CD Hurt No More. Those well-made but slightly disposable BadBoy productions soothe my ears.
by marla x0 July 28, 2004

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A ring made up of many little stones that are fused into some huge shiny "exploding" shape, such as a star, a heart, a circle'diamond/square/, and even a (yuck! how mainstream!) flower. The cooler shapes are now worn by some very "on-the-edge" punk rockers/indie people/freaks.
I bought a multicolored glass cluster ring in the form of a green and red diamond.
by marla x0 April 09, 2005

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49th Street is a street in the Times Square neighborhood of downtown New York. It has now been cleaned up, but back in the 1970s, it was quite a messed up neighborhood. The corner of 49th street and 8th Avenue was known for its many porn theaters, which showed the iconic 1972 movie Deep Throat, among others.
I have a style of outfits which I call "CBGBs crossed with 49th Street." It's basically Blondie-punk-style outfits but with the tops a little tighter or cut a little lower, and the skirts are quite short. Some of the great combinations they include are silver platform shoes and fishnet ponchos with long lace-and-satin tank tops and punk rock dog collars and spiked cuffs. It's my tribute to the "I don't give a fuck and I express my sexuality however I want to" spirit of that era. It does NOT = "looking like a porn star" (that'd be one conservative porn star!). It = being sexy on my own terms.
When I use "49th Street" as an adjective, I mean "bad-ass, hardcore, rebellious, defiant".
Today, I wore a black pin-striped mini-skirt, a black asymmetric top with see-thru slit sleeves, fishnets with silver platforms, and a leather collar with chains. That was a pure 49th Street look.

Me- "I like to dress like I'm from 1970s NYC sometimes"
Moron- "Oh, you mean like 5th Ave with all the designers and stuff?"
Me- "No, I mean like 49th Street, that whole punk and porn explosion"
Moron- *runs*

God, I love that song...so raw, so 49th Street.
by marla x0 February 16, 2005

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A way of wearing a scarf around your neck...put it around your neck, then take one of the halves, and wrap it around your neck again, so that you have 2 layers around your neck, and the scarf hangs down in 2 halves onto your chest. I like to wear my striped scarf double wrapped as part of my "hip-hop punk" look.
Many celebrities like wearing their scarves double-wrapped, but many of them are sad little pop stars.
by marla x0 October 11, 2004

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Sex between true soulmates, who can express their feelings for each other through actions, not words.
My boi to me: I wish I could come over here..and we'd have a great non-verbal conversation!
by marla x0 January 18, 2004

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The mainstream's materialistic expression of what they call "love". People waste literally hundreds of dollars, if not thousands, on the food, the alcohol, and the special clothes (apparently, it's not cool enough to wear a t-shirt and some pants or a top and pants/skirt..People who take part in candlelight dinners must wear a suit or a dress). These are usually followed by sexual favors afterwards. To me, the whole thing is too much like prostitution. What else would you call sex for material objects, such as food?
Finally, you won't see me at one of those..ever.
Brandon and his whore were having a candlelight dinner, to be followed by a night of "romantic" pseudo-sex and calling each "snookums" in idiotic voices.
by marla x0 February 16, 2004

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