A term of abuse, sometimes used by goths.

Someone who aspires to be a goth, but is more concerned with being a goth on the outside than on the inside.

From Marilyn Manson's old band name, Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids.
He isn't a goth, he's a spooky kid.
by otherguy November 10, 2004
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Similair to baby bat
and there goes another spooky kid
by tin July 29, 2004
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A term generally used to describe a person trying to hop on the goth band wagon. Spooky kids usually:
a) Follow the "nu-metal" trend, i.e., slipknot, korn, marilyn manson
b) shop at Hot Topic
c) try to combine goth and punk into one horrible labeling fiasco
d) worship the devil, think they have magic powers (see fluff)
e) think they are vampirees, demons, werewolves, and tell children at school this
f) are commericial cutters
g) fancy the name 'raven'
h) think pink and black is gothic/punk
i) there's more but I'm sure you get it

(see moron for details)
Spooky Kid 1: Hey, Raven, I just tried to commit suicide after my parents wouldn't let me buy that pink and black saftey pin skirt at Hot Topic that cost a bajillion dollars! Wanna see the scars?
Spooky Kid 2: -Sigh- Life sucks. Whats the point. -Sigh- I cut a pentacle into my arm last night.
by Suzy November 14, 2004
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Derogatory term used by Goths to refer to any highschool poser attempting to emulate the gothic culture without knowing anything about it circa '95-2000 during the Marilyn Manson MTV epidemic of that period. Characteristics of spooky kids:

1. Highschool age or under.
2. Claims that Marilyn Manson is gothic, as well as citing Korn or Limpbizkit or any other popular on MTV at the time aggro bands.
3. Bauwho?
4. Typically terrible white clown face-paint makeup, black lipstick. Emmulates the movie the Crow.
5. Repulsed by Ravers yet looking just as riduclous as them.
6. Unaware of the history of the culture or anything before 1995.
"ugh, spooky kids."
by yes sir no sir October 12, 2003
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Adolescent children of middle class upbringing with nothing to rebel against, dressing in all black with useless zippers and heavy eye makeup (males included). Spooky Kids can be seen being dropped off at the mall via minivan and congregating in front of the Hot Topic.

Spooky Kids are the next link in the evolutionary chain of losers. Once known as “Goths”, Spooky Kids are separated from the Goths by musical taste. Moving from black metal bands like Venom and Obituary, they can be heard listening to Emo and Emo-Core.
"Band geeks are too easy, lets beat the crap out of the Spooky Kids!"
by The Rev. Jeremy J. April 21, 2008
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