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A sancha is your second lady. Not your wife, or your girlfriend, but your number two. If something were to happen to your wife or girlfriend (i.e. freak accident) your sancha would be there to wipe away your tears.
ex #1 "My wife is a prude in bed, but my Sancha...woo wee...she's a freak! Its like that whole yin and yang thing!"

ex #2 Me: "I can do things with my sancha that I just can't do with my wife."
Friend: "Like what eh?"
Me: "You know like sending her home, or anal or stuff like that"
by Marcos August 29, 2004
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When you take a hit from a joint or blunt and you slobber all over it and leave it all wet for the next person.
"oh man, why you always gotta nigga lip it foo? Here man, you hit the pipe while we finish this blunt...chump!"
by Marcos August 29, 2004
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Polish, Communist, deadly, armed and Russian - this guy is not one to mess with! Hangs out at the fez alone, visits games workshop every day, commits at least one murder every week as an act of spiritual renewal.
Miiiiiiiiiiiirek? Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirek?!! Dinner's ready!

Stop swearing at those politicians, you Mirek.

You're such a Mirek! Did you have to go and be sick in my toilet? What a Mirek.
by marcos April 07, 2005
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No definition in general. Just a word which you put after any word to make it sound better.
Brian H. be getting that chop-heems!
by Marcos January 28, 2005
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To snort and snicker uncontrollably at the same time.
Dude, she totaly having a snickerfits.
by Marcos February 26, 2004
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Very high quality Marijuana. Dank. Chronic.
Woowee, now this is some skruka! Look at all the lil' white hairs. We gone get toe down tonight!
by Marcos August 29, 2004
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Portland, OR area greeting. Taken from "greetings" and shortened. Primarily used by Reedies but also common in the rest of the SE area.
"Grits, dude. How's the day?"
by Marcos December 06, 2004
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