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The main hero in the original Star Wars. He lived on Tatooine until the day his uncle and aunt were killed by the Empire. He joined Ben Kenobi, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and the 2 droids C-3PO and R2-D2 on a quest against the empire and to become a jedi knight like his father was.

After rescuing Princess Leia and destroying Death Star, Luke makes his way to Yoda's home and learns the skills of the Jedi. However, he gets tricked into rescuing his friends and is lured by Darth Vader to join the dark side. In the lightsaber battle that followed, Luke loses an arm and learns that Darth Vader is his father.

Afterwards, he finishes up his lesson with Yoda also learns that Leia is his sister. He is then told to confront Vader one last time and in the battle that follows, Vader loses his arm and is relieved of his mask. Vader later dies and Luke returns back home.
Luke Skywalkers is a great jedi knight.
by maplejet January 24, 2005
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A match held on gamefaqs between two video game characters in 2003. Luigi is Mario's brother from the Mario games while Squall Leonhart is the main, un-socialble character of Final Fantasy VIII.

Before the match, everyone the Sc2k3 board said that Luigi would obliterate Squall. After all, Final Fantasy VIII was hated by a lot, and Luigi had a good fanbase.

When the match began, Luigi took the early lead, and a user named Advanced Warslord announced that Luigi is pwning, Squall has already lost.

Later on as voting continued though, Squall took over the lead...then every 15 minutes, it grew...and grew...and grew.

Eventually, Squall had a big lead, and by morning when most people were waking up, the chaos began. Squall had taken 60% of the votes and everyone began to go insane. Nintendo fans said "bleep it" while FF8 fans celebrated. At least 10 users account suicided. Other than Mario vs. Crono, this match has been the most popular one ever held on gamefaqs.

The match may have been caused by a game known as Kingdom Hearts which boosted Squall's popularity since he was a cameo. People now think this game also boosted Cloud Strife's and Sephiroth's popularity, which created an all-FF7 finals. This factor though is still under debate.
I remember Squall vs. Luigi...it was fun.
by maplejet March 25, 2004
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god...owner of everything
Lettuce Kefka is my god!
by maplejet March 25, 2004
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a lazy, good for nothing bastard
Maplejet, cronus striker, etc...
by maplejet March 23, 2004
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a banned word created by demons who wanted to slay maplejet.
meplehet is banned!
by maplejet March 25, 2004
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a red swordman who got rigged twice in a gamefaqs character contest versus the plumber known as Mario.
Damn it...Mario lost to Crono!
by maplejet March 25, 2004
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a gamefaq user who owns you.
Mario pwns Aeris...easily!
by maplejet March 28, 2004
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