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1. A master generator of lulz.
2. One who lulz easily.
3. A loser for the lulz.
That lolcat macro sure is funnay, whoever wrote it is a lulzer.
by manigordo May 02, 2008

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1. A laughable self-righteous catchphrase; "never forget".
2. Never Forget 9/11.
3. Nevar 4get ... The Fifth of November.
The Great Habbo Raid; nevar4get!
by manigordo May 01, 2008

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1. A rollercoaster made out of lols. Commonly misspelled as lolercoaster.

2. An up and down lol series of related events; the most famous springing it's own name; the Lollercaust.
That series of stupid noob posts made the thread such a lollercoaster.
by manigordo April 27, 2008

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1. A funny retarded confrontation, especially IRL, usually accompanied or filled with extreme angst, anger and drama.
2. A silly sissy catfight, either sex.
Look at those two 5 years old lolfight over that shitty piece of plastic. Ha, ha ha ha; it's so funny.
by manigordo April 30, 2008

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Small computer program, usually to perform a single system related task. Abbr of utility; aka tool.
- I couldn't recover my deleted files from my sd; that util did not work.

- I'm gonna dl all of the ftp://suppa.warez/windoze/utilz, asap; before it's taken down.
by manigordo July 29, 2010

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1. A FOSS luser.
2. A fossie; but usually more despective.
3. A GNU zealot.
4. A GPL freeloader.
5. A Linux lover.
6. A derogatory insult to a foss user. From a contraction (of the shortening) of FOSS + user.
7. A bastardarization of loser.
8. Misspelling of fusser.
- Self-righteous fossers love to hate closed source software; especially Microsoft's.

- Fossers think that paying for any software is evil; and hence, use every opportunity to convince you on that ground alone that their supposedly amateur offer is better; when in fact will eventually cost way more, once you take into account the time you would've saved using a pro tool and the steep learning curve.

- Pedant fossers usually turn away potential advocates and alienate users by extreme prickish attitude, mainly in their forums. They like to put down valid inquiries and requests as if it is the other person's fault, until they finally make them look like complete noobs.

- Fossers usually like sci-fi, d&d, cosplay, etc; have no real friends or a social life (obv virgins); and are ugly, morbidly fat/skinny and dwell in their parent's basement; like the trolls that they really are.

- In the end; fossers would like you to get by with only water, air, their shit, and the good vibes of the universe.

- Fossers are like the communists of the computer world. Ignoring the facts that in general people do not like complex, difficult to use glorified toys masquerading as apps and OSes; that they are also weak, meek, and stupid; and more so the reality that when the going gets tough, people become inherently more selfish (not altruist; ie, have to eat); and likewise their ideal software model is doomed to eventually fall apart.
by manigordo December 04, 2010

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1. A common misspelling of bastardization.
2. Setting a new standard in being a bastard.
1. That night, they were invited to dine with Piop'l—that's what they called themselves, and the anthropologists thought that this was a bastardarization of the English world, "people." They ate well, meat, leaves, tubers, and some thick fleshy flowers that tasted very sweet.

(From: www.fanfiction.net/s/2097857/5/Finding_Memory)

2. Your bastardarization of ringing on a doorbell and running away prank involves leaving a flaming bag of shit on the front door while filming the victim trying to put it away and then proceed to quickly upload the video to youtube.
by manigordo December 04, 2010

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