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Synonym of nobody; the jerk responsible of all the world's mistakes. See noone.
I've just found the office microwave completely fucked-up. Who did it? No-one did; since this is shit no-one cares about.
by manigordo May 01, 2008

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1. Quite the obvious; white to differentiate it from previously common to nonwhite, and the slavery referring to being at least in a state of perennial indentured servanthood. It is currently used to refer to sexual slavery; or better stated yet, enforced caucasian prostitution.

2. The state of being addicted to cocaine.

3. The paranoia derived from the moral hypocrisy of the masses in relation to lolitas.

4. The dehumanizing overbearing burden known as work carried out by the majority of society's simpleminded white folks for the sole benefit of the freeloading parasitic scum known as the privileged ruling elite, jews and niggas.
I got to lure and kidnap me some underage dumb white trash girl to blackmail her parents, sold overseas, or at least just keep locked up as a sex toy. Perhaps if I doze her off with some coke... ZOMG! That's what white slavery is all about.
by manigordo April 15, 2008

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1. Arcane ASCII or alternate spelling for the phonetic glyph and character æ.
2. Encyclopedia Dramatica's mascot logo.
I want to write encyclopedia as encyclopædia, but I can't; I'll have to settle for encyclopaedia.
by manigordo May 03, 2008

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1. (World) Football (aka Soccer) is a simple minded woman's sport (of course, how could it be otherwise...) where they run around a field trying to kick a ball; like a sugar loaded dog; into the other's team goal stand, or whatever. Operationally, it is a lot like Hockey, except a lot more gay. 'Men' are also known to practice this lame game (shit); in this case, a bunch of effeminate losers get off to rub and watch someone else's legs, butts and other private parts that giggle around. Worst still, the 'men' that like to watch this travesty are obvious closet homos that fantasise being humped by the players over the excruciatingly long and boring hour and a half plus that actually contains under five minutes worth of actual action. The mad skills required are dancing, for dribbling; and running, for positioning. Seriously; even though only and asshole would actually take it like that. The strategic component is laughable (I guess that helps to explain the popularity of it); just run, kick-pass and shoot; repeat ad nauseam. The only little fun is that you can make the ball handler trip. May have to take a penalty shot; or some other bullshit; but if done correctly, it's definetly worth it (imho).

2. (US) American football is a sorry-ass redneck recreation of a fantasy battle. Albeit a little more manly than 'Succer' (ie, less gay); however it has little to do with actual kicking, being more akin to Rugby; and hence it has to do more with name calling, crazy stupid hitting, physical hurting and permanent injuries. That is to say, carry by hand the revered ovally shaped ball (dildo) to the other side whilst avoiding being enviously, butt-hurtingly tagged (tackled or better stated, fucked) to score. Passes are made by throwing; there's however a little kicking overall, mostly for extra scoring points. The game goes like this; the captain (may be directed by coaches) select a complex predetermined offensive/defensive play (at least inasmuch as those neanderthals can comprehend), the team executes, someone scores (or don't); hopefully getting hurt; and it starts all over again. Seeing someone (a moron) taken out nearly unconscious (or badly hurt) is the main reason to watch. To make it more true contact like, should be played without any protective gear; also, a couple of weapons would spice things up a notch and make it more macho and interesting; to say the least (for me anyhow).
Football in all it's incarnations, still remains the most inconsequential, sub-mental and gayest shit; unequivocably so. A foolish game for the truly fool. Every decent and rational human being should despise it.
by manigordo April 01, 2008

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