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Greek: Χέστα μέσα

Literally: Shit in!

Used to describe an awkward, stressful, dire, beyond any hope, and totally out of control situation with an extreme mentally painful and totally negative beyond repair outcome, where, consequently nothing can be done to fix or alter ones broken dignity, ego, and the painful reality around such an outcome, and therefore the mental scar lives with the so called "Hesta Mesa" perpetrator indefinitely.

Must not be confused with the English expression "shit!!", this would be an understatement. A "Hesta Mesa" occurrence is far more intense. When one shares, or, is observed during the course of a "Hesta Mesa" event, it's synonymous to attempting to tolerate an involuntary bowel movement, and further, as if the "Hesta Mesa" perpetrator was caught taking a "shit in" such event as it unfolded; all due to the mental stress of the event. It's this level of indignity and mental suffering that a perpetrator or victim of a "Hesta Mesa" event must endure and live with.

"Hesta Mesa" outcomes typically occur when one attempts something new, and, a lot of the times when one is out of their comfort zone, which makes it funny to an observer come victim.
Ay re! how are ya?! ...how's the new boat going re? 22ft huh!? Fantastic re!

Was actually 18ft ft re...but yeah n'not kala (good) re...took it out last s'savatokiriako (w'weekend)...w'was coming back in high s's'surf re...the w'wave come in too quick behind us, a'and, almost capsized us re...almost d'd'drowned giagia (grandma), but lucky I brought along my only life jacket and got g'g'gagia to wear it re...b'but...my b'boat re...it float a little while f'full with w'water re...but I was too c'close to the p'pier and the second wave s's'smashed it there...it s's'sunk re...

O re malaka! hesta mesa!, will you buy another?

M'M'Maybe next year re...

Well make sure you don't take giagia re!
by man.in.greek May 19, 2017
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a car renter that barely knows how to drive, who uses a car with the foot beak on, because they didn't see a hand brake, who then starts a grass fire when they stop the car because it smells funny.
man check out the car parked over the curb.

dang! the imbecile started a grass fire.

yeah! now he wants to see if he can burn and blow his head off!
by man.in.greek May 15, 2017
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Product for personal hygiene. It's a slightly moist seriously not too wet, indeed conveniently disposable sheet, though, really not quite big enough, to wipe clean ones ass.

Several overlapped may need to be used with diligent care, to avoid the excess hygiene neurosis that could develop.
But really, to avoid viral infestation of the anus, t's deemed best not to share the packet; even though it was apparently stacked and packed by someone that forget to wash their hands, during their cold sore outbreak.

Apparently a great product.


1) The trait found in the entrepreneur asshole that mustered up the idea to package, market and sell, not quite big enough wipes for an ass.

2) The value placed on someone despised immensely; like when a slightly small personal hygiene product is used to tend to ones ass, and you can't help but think, number 1), has less value than a number 2, if only they were at hand, they could prove to be useful.
Who in Christ's and Holy fkn Mary's name made these, where is he, the fkn asswipe !!!

Mitso Hey Katerina!?

Katerina. What now Mitso?

Mitso: Need an asswipe. Throw me that pack of deluxe asswipes.

Katerina: Should I wash my hands? My cold sore is dry.

Mitso: Whatever Katerina !!
by man.in.greek April 06, 2019
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Said for something that someone says. Like when someone talks just to say something even though they're totally clueless about the subject, they really really, really, want to contribute, and so, just come up with arbitrary stuff to feel smart and/or included. Typically the contribution is a borderline delusional thought.
hey did you hear about the mars rover successfully finding clues on past water activity?

yeah man, some interesting findings 4 sure.

hey yeah dudes! they found water out there, heard they'll have the rover dig wells in preparation for human exploration, they're going to cover up the wells with tarp while they work out what to do about a biosphere.

What!?! bog wash dude! you OK?
by man.in.greek May 17, 2017
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Greek: Τσογλάνι
Say: Tssoh - glahn - ee
Plural: tsoglania

A tsoglani has the following desirable characteristics,




Half wit



...but, the term is not used derogatively.

When one says tsoglani, and plural tsoglania, they have observed pure fact(s) about someone, or, a group of wanna be elites, that, are really half wits based on observed conduct/performance; like a management group before it quits.

Also, a tsoglani, along with of course plural tsoglania, don't limit themselves to sharing with acquaintances, friends and loved ones, just one of the endeared characteristics, but, are actually immensely blessed with sharing several. Eg: One can observe some "inconsiderate asshole(s)", "lowlife fool(s)" and of course "friendly asshole(s)".

In summary, tsoglani and its plural tsoglania, is an umbrella term incorporating all the characteristics listed above, along with similar that must be based on observed facts, which of course elaborate those endeared characteristics of an individual, and that, can definitely be applied to an organisations management.
Ay re, did you hear!? Cousin Dimitri found Anesti in management humping his wife during lunch. Poh what a fkn tsoglani re!. Yeah re, he didn't even ask!

Spiros: Ay re! Did you hear?

Vasili: What?

Spiros: Management budget cuts last week, team building lunch was for the elites, and kept hushed; invites only.

Vasili: Yeah re, the tsoglani Anesti only shares with his group of tsoglania !!!
by man.in.greek April 05, 2019
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