Greek: Τσογλάνι
Say: Tssoh - glahn - ee
Plural: tsoglania

A tsoglani has the following desirable characteristics,




Half wit



...but, the term is not used derogatively.

When one says tsoglani, and plural tsoglania, they have observed pure fact(s) about someone, or, a group of wanna be elites, that, are really half wits based on observed conduct/performance; like a management group before it quits.

Also, a tsoglani, along with of course plural tsoglania, don't limit themselves to sharing with acquaintances, friends and loved ones, just one of the endeared characteristics, but, are actually immensely blessed with sharing several. Eg: One can observe some "inconsiderate asshole(s)", "lowlife fool(s)" and of course "friendly asshole(s)".

In summary, tsoglani and its plural tsoglania, is an umbrella term incorporating all the characteristics listed above, along with similar that must be based on observed facts, which of course elaborate those endeared characteristics of an individual, and that, can definitely be applied to an organisations management.
Ay re, did you hear!? Cousin Dimitri found Anesti in management humping his wife during lunch. Poh what a fkn tsoglani re!. Yeah re, he didn't even ask!

Spiros: Ay re! Did you hear?

Vasili: What?

Spiros: Management budget cuts last week, team building lunch was for the elites, and kept hushed; invites only.

Vasili: Yeah re, the tsoglani Anesti only shares with his group of tsoglania !!!
by April 05, 2019
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