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How are you? As asked by the lovely yamyams of Wolverhampton, England. Spoken sometimes by chavs and sometimes skets.
X: Owamya
Y: Not too bad. Or roit?
X: Bin good, fanx.
by magap August 15, 2008
Again, what you might've typed in when intending to search something on Google. Google actually does appear when you type in www.gppgle.com, tbf.
C: Seen the Watchmen trailer?
M: Nah. I'll Google it.

*Types in www.gppgle.com*

M: Crap. I typed in gpple. Oh well.. Worked anyway.
by magap August 10, 2008
Something that the Pussycat Dolls said they wanted when they were younger. Says it all really.
'When I grow up, I wanna see the world, drive nice cars, I wanna have groupies.
by magap August 6, 2008
People from the Black Country, who talk in an indescribable manner. See yam yam. Not yam yams.
X: Yam owkay?
Y: Yerr, I'm good, tarr.
X: Watcha bin doing?
Y: Nuffing much. Ow bout yow?
X: We am such yamyams, int we?
by magap August 15, 2008
Yay, and Woop! in one. Used by those who cannot be bothered to type in English. They also say things like f9 instead of fine, and s'up when they are trying to be street.
Magap: Heyyia--x
Livo: elo
Magap: Guess what Guess what!
Livo: go on
Magap: I got that bag from Urban Outfitters!
Livo: Yoop!
by magap October 31, 2007
wetting myself laffin betta than lmao or lol. much fun and luff xx
bethanette: hahahaha look at the squirrel
maya: wml
by magap June 2, 2007