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Bonnie's are very beautiful and are the sweetest women in the world. Life without Bonnie's is meaningless. They have the most loving personality, every girl wants to be them and any guy will be the luckest to date them. Bonnie's are the most down to earth, very smart, funny, heart of gold and are the most envied. They are known to be the most loving and caring people, they will be the best and awesome mothers. Bonnie's are one of a kind and truly make you feel blessed if you have one in your life!!!
Damn!!! She so beautiful!!!
Thats bc she is a Bonnie

I have the best mom in the world
I bet her name is a Bonnie!!!
by mMmMmM January 28, 2014

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Trying, but not quite there, usually pathetically.

First uttered by a sports announcer during a washout of a football game, short version of "struggling." Used to describe the losing team.
After Limp Bizkit, Fred Durst was struggin like mad.
by mmmmmm November 19, 2004

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A Word for a crazy molester pedophile
"Oh man, stay away from that Mr Phillip"
by MMMmMm May 14, 2015

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An exclamation of disappointment. It means something's a dud.

The opposite of "booya"
Person 1: Did you like Seed of Chucky?
Person 2: Major boona, man
by mmmmmm November 19, 2004

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