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labor camps Russian Revolution
Serfs who disobeyed Stalin were given the sentence to go to the gulag.
by ML March 27, 2003
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used to indicate the superlative.
it's hot as shit in here!

that guy is cute as shit!
by ML March 31, 2004
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whats up \ whats going on.
whats crackalacken?
by mL October 08, 2003
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Sheeshka mapeeshka, I can't believe that happend!
by ML March 02, 2003
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To grab a bitch by the back of her head while she is on her knees sucking your dick, and proceed to drag her around the room.
After we got done watching TV, I gave Kristy a good skull dragging across the living room floor.
by ml April 06, 2003
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when something is way more cool than something else
my cat is coolier than thou.
by mL May 05, 2005
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adj. A derivative of the term "sweet" meaning 'excellent' 'thoroughly cool.'
"Yo Antoine, that do rag is sweezle."
by ML February 07, 2005
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