93 definitions by lunar shadows

An item you use to to tell what time it is. They can be very decorative, and handy to tell you what time it is.
by lunar shadows January 06, 2005
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A really cool fish. They are bottom eaters and they clean your gravel for you by eating the stuff on the bottom. I have had them in the past and thought they were cool.
I like clown loaches and a number of other fish
by lunar shadows October 30, 2004
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a term that describes the least desirable item to choose from when there are a number of things to choose from
rotton food is at the bottom of the barrel to choose from when you want something to eat
by lunar shadows August 16, 2004
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An awsome dog that can be found in either minature or regular. The bull terriors are also very easy to groom their fur. They are also known to love playing games with toy balls.
Cool characters like Spud McKensie and Grimm are bull terriers.
by lunar shadows August 11, 2004
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A CD is a disc that can store memory of your favorite tv shows, movies, music, and games. Plus, it can have a lot of work in the educatoinal field.
CD's are very nifty to have
by lunar shadows November 06, 2004
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A cell phone allows you to call anyone, anywhere it can pick up signal. However, driving is not a place for a cell phone.
Get off the damn phone when you drive
by lunar shadows November 06, 2004
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