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An independent co-educational school in East Providence RI. Founded in 1910 by Dr. Helen West Cooke, it's original campus was a small house on Angel St. in Providence. In the early 60's however, a far larger and more suitable campus was built just off of Narraganset Bay in East Providence.
Gordon's founded, Dr. Cooke had originally created the school to provide an alternative school for her son Gordon, whom the school is named after. She wanted him to be educated alongside girls in a diverse "open air" environment where students would be stimulated and challenged as well as learn to enjoy learning. Classes would be held with open windows whenever the weather permitted, and students would be taken outside most days. The Gordon School was one of the first schools in the country to be integrated, and remains to this day one of the more diverse private schools in the state.
Chris: I went to The Wheeler School from nursery through high school.

Ken: Cool, I went to MB for high school, but all before that I was at The Gordon School.

Chris: Oh yea, I think I've heard of that. How was it?

Ken: Great.
by Lomov November 26, 2010

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a tiny or "fun sized" biddy
Ron: Hahaha that really short girl is kinda hot

Tom: lmao shes an ittybiddy, man!

Ron: Objectifying women is fun!
by Lomov February 27, 2011

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Eco-Friendly sexual relations or sex practices.
Some ways Jack and Jill practice Green Sex:

Instead of driving to the movies and dinner, Jack and Jill biked to the farmers market for food, and took a walk in the park.

Jack gave Jill locally grown, pesticide free, and fair trade flowers for valentines.

During sex, Jack and Jill used only all natural lube with non harmful chemicals that don't disrupt the balance of the environment.
by lomov September 20, 2010

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A typed Freudian Slip
Jake: be back in a sex!

Anna: what...?

Jake: *sec

Anna: lol that was a total Frypo
by lomov January 17, 2011

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My Tofurky Exploded In The Microwave

Self exlpanatory...

First popularized by The Blue Man Group.
Chris: What was that bang?? and whats that smell?

Jon: MTEITM, Chris.

Chris: You people still eat that crap?
by Lomov November 26, 2010

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Acronym for "Spontaneous Display of Affection" Can occur in person (hugs, kisses, etc.), Over the phone ("i love you"), over email or IM (emoticons, typing).

SDAs generally occur after long silences. It is not considered an SDA if it is brought about by any action of the two (or possibly more) parties.
<Jack and Jill are silently walking>

Jill: (out of the blue) I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU! (hugs and kisses Jack)

Jack: Boy, it seems i am at the business end of a serious SDA!
by Lomov January 21, 2010

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