63 definition by lol

2)Too sweet to describe
4)The adorable one from Busted
1)Oh my Jimmeh
2)That is just Jimmeh
3)OMJ how Jimmeh was that guy
by lol May 01, 2003

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worst ik ever
"riffic was the worst ik ever"
by lol September 07, 2003

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hottest of em all
omg why am i so ugly like eric and u mad DEBB
by lol March 26, 2004

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Insanely hard DDR song (from 6th Mix-MAX- to Extreme) thats 300 bpm and mostly 8th notes
Yasu's AAA'd this 300+ times
Somtimes without bar raping
Most of them are on reverse
A few are on 1.5x
(Yes I said AAA, not AA or A, but AAA. That's 3 As, thusly a Triple A. However any grade below AA is pretty good, unless your name is Yasu or Take)
by lol January 10, 2004

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a puissant, evil being
Luthor kicked your ass
by lol March 12, 2004

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The kind of porn Turrican and his buddies are obsessed with.
Turrican just posted some sfaji pics in his forums.
by lol October 26, 2003

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