63 definition by lol

2)Massive eyebrows
1)That boy is so Chaswick
2)Omj look at the Chaswicks on him
by lol May 01, 2003

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mod for those that get owned in other mods. to replace skill with game speed and spam.
by lol March 04, 2003

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A silly gay man with a brain the size of his penis, which probably is the size of a peanut
Tare2 sucks ass for fun lol
by LOL November 28, 2004

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Admin of Gamerz Guild; A fag who likes to dance; A tanking machine in an MMORPG, which... Really dosen't like to tank; The act of being gay; AKA fagzor; HEY LOL ASL?
I tankzored your mom last night.
by Lol December 11, 2003

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Fat feck, trying to get his ass owned by reaper, but he's just too bad....
GNA|Trulli aka jarno
by lol November 18, 2003

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Evil French Teacher
Ouelette is going to the Ouelette rally in Berlin.
by lol March 26, 2003

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wax for shining nob
bernie: "yo deyan u got nob shine?"
Deyan: "no i uised the whole 5 litre packet in one go!!!"
by lol August 30, 2003

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