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the do rag is not for rappers is for keeping the afro cover, anyone can wear it. a piece of cloth of many colors, that u put over your head and hopefully matches your outfit.
do rag r worn by wiggers too.
by lol October 22, 2003

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its ma crews slang it means fuck off quick b4 i jump ya aight!
oi do 1 dikhead ! shit hot lyk!
by Lol June 29, 2004

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That sissy-fighting guy from Tekken who always has the crap beat out of him by his dad Heihachi and virtually every other character in the game, despite his pact with the Devil to increase his power. He was supposed to be dead for good in Tekken 3.
Instead of a regular Tekken tournament, Heihachi decided it was more logical to hold a "Beat up Kazuya" day, where even a five year old kid can take a few punches at the laughingstock of the Tekken universe.
by LOL November 28, 2003

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A clan that won this random 'Counter-Strike'(whats that?) league in some place named Brisbane (wheres that?)
I am in neurosis.
by Lol June 21, 2003

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Free period (at school).
Abbreviation of PR
You got a pez now?
by LOL May 22, 2004

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HabboForum, owned by DJMO and Stephen, is *THE* best Habbo Fan Site around. It has over 50 active users a day, a team of dedicated Moderators and Admins, and overall it's a great place to be.
There's a Chit Chat forum, a Technical Support Forum (where only smart technical people that have sufficient technical knowledge can post, like Jix, Randomishness and JamesH), and several Habbo Forums, and many more! It even has its own radio, with several DJ's such as Supreemio, _Olam_, Adam and DJMO.
Habbo Forum, is definatly the best Habbo Fan Site there is.
Visit www.habboforum.com !
by lol March 14, 2005

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person who makes loud chomping sounds when he/she eats.
"Chew with your mouth closed! You're such a yumper!"
by lol September 26, 2004

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