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the part of the ass that hangs visibly beneath the hemline of short-shorts/hotpants.
Those are some grade-A buttlets over thaar, thank god for dirty girls.
by logan cleaver October 07, 2003

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One large and consolidated turd in the toilet.
His high fiber diet may explain the presence of this massive monolog in the shitter.
by logan cleaver October 29, 2003

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1. A mentally disabled or retarded person, or the institutional domain of such person.
2. Someone who is lame, geeky, and/or generally inconsequential.
"that hoe is so stupid she has to take Maut classes, but she ain't so dumb that she can't suck a dick"
by logan cleaver September 27, 2003

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a nasty bony woman with protruding scapulas and skinflaps, bearing resemblance to a flying reptile of the early to mid jurassic period.
I humped that skinny hoe strictly because she was a kretzocoatlis and I was intrigued by her kretzocoatlisness.
by logan cleaver November 12, 2003

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Abstaining from the consumption of Little Debbies, Twinkies, and other tantalizing sugary snacks between the hours of 3 and 6 pm (after school and before dinner).
When Timmy returned from school he found that Ronny had visciously attacked the Zebra cakes with earnest. Timmy cursed his name, but never the less was forced to make a snackrafice.
by logan cleaver September 24, 2005

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A generally fat, nasty, and unattractive woman seen through beer googles and acted upon sexually in order to break one's slump.
Nate Sylvester broke his slump at the summo wrestling party, where he had his way with a bumper crop of slumpers.
by logan cleaver October 29, 2003

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