1. A mentally disabled or retarded person, or the institutional domain of such person.
2. Someone who is lame, geeky, and/or generally inconsequential.
"that hoe is so stupid she has to take Maut classes, but she ain't so dumb that she can't suck a dick"
by logan cleaver September 28, 2003
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person of interest, someone who can't be defined by typical standards. Unique. maut extraordinary, one of a kind, not basic, shows depth, prodigious
I met a maut last week, and for some reason i can't get him out of my mind.
by big slab December 6, 2011
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Maut: I fucked this pornstar yesterday
Meeks/You: Are you no maut?
by Meeks12345 February 16, 2022
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Seedhe Maut is a rapper duo from New Delhi, India. Lit. means - Straight Death. Seedhe Maut's one half is Encore ABJ - Modern Age Poet and always brings out political/conscious bars and sick flows. other half Calm - Anime Fan and One of India's Sickest Rappers in terms of Flows and Lyricism.

Representing Delhi Underground Rap and known for India's one of the best Rap Album - "Bayaan" with legendary Producer - Sez On The Beat.
Encore has two sides - either he's a poet who writes about Love - "Magan" or a FIERCE Rapper putting the whole rap game on the crutch - "Namastute".

Calm has only one side - THE SICKEST KILLER MODE.
Ohhh, these guys giving Seedhe Maut on the stage.

Seedhe Maut is one of the best things that happened to Indian Hip-Hop.
by youngsimba-smn April 28, 2021
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Metal band from Mumbai, India. Known for their brutal stage act.
Metalhead #1 "Hey man, were you there at the Bhayanak Maut show last week?"

Metalhead #2 " Yeah! I lost my I pod, my shoes, and my virginity in that mosh-pit."
by Phalanva March 29, 2010
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The act or process of being “capped” to then unfortunately getting scummed immediately after.
Me: “just acquired 5 yeans mad hype bro.”
You: “dude someone licked my yeans. No maut I just got rocha’d
by Perlsoutterchest February 18, 2022
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Ass hole who sucks to much cock and try's to shoot up schools. Snail like man who can move in very weird ways.
Did hear that Maute sucked off Adam
by Tim keehn May 8, 2017
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