36 definition by lizzie

someone who attends highschool online
did u go out with aol last night?
no he had finals on yahoo.
by lizzie December 18, 2004

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a woman who is so ugly that to call her a munter would be an understatement
oh my god, that is a scrunter
by lizzie March 07, 2004

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waureegan ghetto
Lets go and chill wit frankie and lloyd in the weege!
by lizzie May 02, 2003

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the ahhhhhhhh feeling after you pee and you've been holding it for a really really long time
i was stuck in a traffic jam, and once we hit the rest stop, it was pure enft!
by lizzie February 23, 2005

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Can either be an insult or a term that discribes a cold man's dick. Ment to be offensive and is usually used when a pesrson is being an ass,ect.
The girl thought the boy was a dicksickle for being such a prick to her.
by Lizzie February 27, 2003

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Totally Freak Out

Was used on the show Lizzie McGuire
My mom TFOed when she saw my nose ring.
by Lizzie October 05, 2004

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sexual activites involving oral contact with the penis and/or vagina
"I'm not sure I'm comfortable with the whole 'orogenital' contact deal."
by Lizzie June 16, 2006

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