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A girl that's slightly thicker than average in places that aren't the most desirable, but is definitely do-able.
-Yea man, I couldn't find any other tail so I stopped by chickenwing's place.

-That's cool dude, better than that three piece i went home with.
by likeascreename? October 14, 2010
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Breakfast, pronounced in a hillbilly or southern manner.
Whatcha say there Willis? Whyont ya run on down to tha chicken coop an fetch us some them there eggs fo bruckus.
by likeascreename? March 1, 2010
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S, short for suck and D, short for dick. Literally means, to suck on (or off) the male private part belonging to the current day. More commonly, it is an metaphorical expression that defines ones disinterest toward the necessary tasks or obligations (work, school, studying, hw) one must complete in the day afoot. Usually a mental note to self, as opposed to a statement.
Everyday I wake up to my crappy life, with my crappy dead end job, drink a cup of crappy bobo brand coffee and sigh (thinking, time to S today's D)
by likeascreename? March 1, 2010
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Your son (friend, homie, associate, etc.) that dj's.
Yo sonscratch, when you gonna hit the turntables?
by likeascreename? March 1, 2010
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