334 definition by lauren

The name of Lauren's new car!!!
If you don't want to take your car, we can take Dweezil.
by Lauren January 21, 2004

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a dirty fat slag
You dirty ho
by lauren July 03, 2003

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"hey man, can i bum a squab?"
by lauren September 01, 2003

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intensely awesome in the sac due to an abundance of red pubic hair
man, that firecrotch offered a good lay lastnight
by lauren December 15, 2003

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refers to a g-string, especially when it's showing.
hey girl! you're ass is nasty; we don't want to see any of your floss!
by Lauren February 06, 2003

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a person's reaction to being on shrooms, equivalent to getting stoned
I was so gurping off of those shrooms last night.
by Lauren March 23, 2005

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the hottest and most most gorgeous person who ever set foot on this Earth who makes the best movies
Matt Damon is a HOTTIE BABY!!!!!
by Lauren November 14, 2003

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